Shamita Shetty Shows Her Big Heart In Bigg Boss Gave A Pair Of Sandals To Miesha Iyer

Bigg Boss 15: Fights and fights are common in the Bigg Boss house. There are debates between the contestants about something or the other, but in the meantime, Shamita Shetty has shown her big heart. Shamita offered Misha Iyer a pair of her sandals. In fact, during the task “Dangerous Dangal in Jungle” in the show, Pratik Sehajpal had destroyed Maisha’s sandals, after which Misha became sad.

Shamita showed big heart

During this, while getting emotional, Misha told Prateek that he knows that he does not have anyone who can send the goods needed for him from outside. Despite this, he spoiled his sandals. On this, Prateek apologizes to him and hugs him. After this, Shamita is also seen handling them. After this, when Maesha is doing her duty in cooking, Shamita questions Prateek that why did Maesha say that she has no one of her own who can send goods for her, to which Prateek explains that Maesha’s parents are not in this world.

Shamita gave a sandil to Maisha

When Shamita comes to know about this, she feels very sad. During this she becomes very emotional and starts crying. After this, Shamita asks Prateek to invite Maisha inside. Prateek calls up Misha and invites her inside. Maisha says that she is kneading the dough. On this, Prateek once again requests them to come inside. Shamita, Maisha when they come inside the house Apologizes to her and hugs her again. After this, she takes out two pairs of her sandals to Misha and asks her to like any one of them.

Maisha refuses them saying that her sandals were not as expensive as they are. To this Shamita says, “You don’t have any other choice. Choose any.” On this, Maisha says that being a forest dweller, she cannot take anything from him. On this, Shamita says that she is keeping it in the sandal box. She can take them whenever she wants.

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