Bigg Boss 15 Simba Nagpal Calls Umar Fattu Riaz Says Bhai Ke Dum Par Pahuncha Hai Teri Koi Aukaat Nahin Hai | Bigg Boss 15: Conflict escalates in Bigg Boss house, Simba Nagpal tells Umar

Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan’s popular show Bigg Boss is making a big splash. There is a fierce verbal war between the contestants, no one is ready to back down in proving themselves. In the recent episode, during a task, there was a fierce fight between Simba Nagpal and Umar Riaz. During this, Simba called Umar ‘Fattoo Riyaz’ and said that he has reached here on the strength of his brother, he has no position of his own.

A heated argument broke out between Simmba and Umar

Actually, in the house of Bigg Boss, the contestants have been living in the lawn of the house for many days. After several days these contestants got a chance to go inside the house. For which they have to complete a task. In this, the housemates were divided into three teams. In the task, the family members had to buy sugarcane from Shamita’s shop and extract its juice, after which they had to buy poison from Nishant and Prateek’s lab in exchange for that juice and pour this poison on the contestant which they let inside the house. don’t want.

Heard a lie in the name of Asim Riaz

During this task, there was a heated argument between Simba and Umar. Simba attacked Umar by taking the name of his brother Asim Riaz. Simba said that Umar is “Fattu Riyaz” who has no status of his own. Simba said that Arrived on the strength of brother, you have no right. You are jealous of your younger brother and that’s why you want to be like him. Although Umar did not react much to this and he kept calling Simba as Baby Simba and kept busy in his task. Here Simba continued to comment on Omar. After this he again said that both the brothers are completely different, one is fattu and see how far one has reached.

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